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19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 – Handover Ceremony of Malaysian Cultural Crafts

Geely, the business partner and shareholder of the PROTON, has been supporting the organization of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 by becoming one of the eight official prestige partners.

The Geely Holding Group is actively participating in the preparation for the 19th Asian Games, using its combined technological know-how to contribute to the development of a 5G-equipped intelligent highway from Hangzhou to Ningbo City that enabling 5G-empowered mobility, fully autonomous mobility services within the Asian Games zone and other smart services.

Locally, the Geely-PROTON has taken a special initiative to celebrate the spirit and the sportsmanship of the 19th Asian Games by collecting several cultural crafts that symbolize the diverse landscapes of Malaysia to be contributed to the Asian Games Museum in Hangzhou.

The significant cultural crafts collected by Geely-PROTON comprising of the following:
1. Beaded Pinakol Necklace (from Sabah)
2. Sape (from Sarawak)
3. Encased Tenun Fabric (from Pahang)
4. Kebaya Nyonya (from Malacca)
5. Labu Sayong (from Perak)
6. Sepak Raga (from Penang)

These cultural crafts were officially handed over to the Malaysian Contingent headed by the Chef de Mission, Dato’ Chong Kim Fatt, which will be presented to the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (HAGOC) during the period of the 19th Asian Games.

The Handover Ceremony of the Malaysian Cultural Crafts, held on Tuesday, 5th September 2023, at the PROTON Excellence Centre, was officially graced by Y.B. Hannah Yeoh, the Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia.

Dr. Li Chunrong, the Chied Executive Officer of PROTON, in his welcoming speech stated that the Asian Games, being the biggest sporting festival in Asia, is not only about celebrating the performance of the athletes but also the cultural heritage of athletes from each participating nation.

“As Geely is playing a key supporting role for the 19th Asian Games, it has created an opportunity for the PROTON to celebrate Malaysia and its culture at the Asian Games in China” said Dr. Li Chunrong.

Y.B. Hannah Yeoh, in her speech, thanked the Geely-PROTON for initiating such a wonderful collaboration for the 19th Asian Games. On behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, she has invited PROTON to come on board in supporting the Malaysian sports industry.

Dato’ Chong Kim Fatt, Vice President of OCM, representing the President of OCM, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri (Dr.) Mohamad Norza Zakaria, conveyed the gratitude of Tan Sri Dr. Norza to Dr. Li Chunrong.

“Early last month, when I paid a courtesy visit to YB. Hannah Yeoh, I have emphasized to her that each member of the Malaysian Contingent will play a crucial role in sport diplomacy by promoting the positive image of Malaysia with unity in the diversity of our Malaysian Culture, building relationship with their counterparts from other participating countries, engaging in cultural exchange and leveraging the Asian Games platform to promote peace, all of which align with the Olympic Movement” said Dato’ Chong Kim Fatt.

“We will proudly deliver the Malaysian cultural crafts by the PROTON to the Asian Games Museum upon our arrival in Hangzhou next week” added Dato’ Chong Kim Fatt.

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