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The 13th Edition of Advanced Sport Management is back with its second session of the year

The 2nd session of Advanced Sport Management Course (ASMC), originally scheduled for 20-23 April 2020 had to be rescheduled to 13-16 July 2020, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of eighteen (18) participants from various National Sports Associations (NSAs), State Sports Associations (SSAs), State Sports Council, Armed Forces Sports Council and Sports Clubs, attended the 2nd session of the Course.

We have a good mix of participants from diverse backgrounds and the reason for having the diversity is because we believe that cross-fertilisation provides ideas and the discussions will be beneficial to all” said Mr. Wan Yew Leong, one of the Programme Directors who conducted the course together with Ms. Moira Tan Siew See.

The course which was conducted by two (2) Programme Directors as mentioned above and a facilitator, Mr. Joshua Edgar, focused on Organising an Olympic Sport Organisation, Managing Strategically, Managing Human Resources and Managing Finance.

Mr. Nik Razeen Adam, President of Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia was also one the participants registered for the 13th Edition of ASMC. He said that ASMC is vital for anyone who is involved in sport management as it provides genuine management views to all participants.

Sharing is very important because we all come from different background experiences and the sharing session is real because it is not out of the box, it is something that is applicable for all of the associations” added Nik Razeen who said that he gained a lot through exchanging of ideas.

Also of the same view was Ms. Sandra Sharon, the Executive Secretary of Malaysian Boxing Federation, who seemed to be delighted with the way the programme was conducted.

It is filled with beneficial tasks where I am able to learn fast through all the activities conducted” said Ms. Sandra Sharon who finds ASMC as a helpful platform for her as a new comer in the sport industry as it provides a platform to understand in depth with regards to sport management.

The 13th Edition of Advanced Sport Management Course has another 2 sessions and Mr. Wan YL said they are going to extend the course for another 2 months, up to November and will still be wrapping up the 13th edition within this calendar year.

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