Continental Athlete Support Grants for Athletes

Continental Athlete Support Grants for Athletes

The Continental Athlete Support Grant offers technical and financial assistance focused on the preparation of athletes who aim to take part in regional, continental or world-level competitions, multi-sport Games, other communitarian Games (e.g. Commonwealth) or the Olympic Games. The activities covered focus specifically on training these athletes during their preparation for these competitions.

Only athletes who are recognised as “Continental Elite” level or in preparation for the Olympic Games can be considered for the Continental Athlete Support Grant.

The budget allocated for this programme can be used to finance the following activities:

  • Costs relating to the organisation of national or international training camps for athletes preparing for specific competitions;
  • Coaching and training costs for athletes; and
  • Costs relating to the participation of athletes in competitions that are useful to their general training program.

Once the application process is opened by the Olympic Solidarity, the Olympic Council of Malaysia shall communicate with the relevant National Sports Associations to submit names of eligible athletes to be considered for the Olympic Scholarships for Athletes.