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Courtesy Visit from the Sabah Sports Board

A delegation from the Sabah Sports Board made a courtesy visit to OCM on Monday, 29 April 2019.

The delegation consists of the following personnel:

  1. Tan Kah Hock (Chairman)
  2. Tan Jwee Peng (Board Member)
  3. Aliudin Jumaat (Board Member)
  4. Terrance Edward Pudin (General Manager)
  5. Alfried Bily (Sports Development Manager)

They were welcomed by Dato’ Sri Mohamad Norza Zakaria (President of OCM) and Mr. Mahinda Vallipuram (Vice President of OCM).


The OCM congratulated Dr. Tan Kah Hock for being appointed as the new Chairman of the Sabah Sports Board for the term of 2018-2021, effective from Saturday, 1 December 2018.

In his briefing, Dr. Tan Kah Hock informed that the main role of the Sabah Sports Board is to provide sporting facilities to athletes and the public in order to create a healthy and productive society while producing outstanding state athletes.

“The Sabah Sports Board is looking after 16 sports complexes throughout the State of Sabah. We are looking for partnership with other stakeholders in sports to create more sporting activities for the people in Sabah” said Dr. Tan Kah Hock.

The OCM would like to engage the support and cooperation from the Sabah Sports Board to promote the Olympic Movement in Sabah.

The OCM would be collaborating with the Sabah Sports Board to conduct an Olympic Solidarity Sport Administrators Course (SAC) for sports officers in Sabah in the near future.

To enhance the Olympic Movement in Sabah, the OCM would also consider the hosting of the Olympic Day Celebration in Sabah the following year, in June 2020.

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