OCM Education & Training

Through its OCM Education and Training Committee, the Olympic Council Malaysia is dedicated to providing professional people working within the sports industry generally and specifically the Olympic family, opportunities for development through a range of educational initiatives.

While the eyes of the world are always on the athlete, the latter can only fulfil his maximum potential if and when provided with the ideal environment. Hence, it is vital that the athlete’s entourage, be it the coaches or sports science team or sports administrators, keep up with the latest advancement in their field.

The education programmes under the umbrella of the OCM is largely organised under the aegis of the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity. This collaboration with the Olympic Solidarity allows the participants to draw on international experiences from other National Olympic Committees. Moreover, one of the strengths of OCM’s educational programmes is the balance between theoretical knowledge and professional expertise.

OCM’s Education & Training programmes are targeted at the following groups:

The OCM organises two levels of sports administrators courses:

  • Sports Administrators Courses – introductory courses including information on the Olympic Movement, sports administration, athlete development and other topics of interest; and
  • Advanced Sports Management Courses – in-depth sports management courses that cover the following six areas: organisation/governance, strategic management, human resources management, financial management, marketing and event organisation.

Coaches play a crucial role in the development of athletes and teams, from young beginners

to elite competitors preparing for national championships, international tournaments and even the Olympic Games. Coaches today have more responsibilities than ever before – many have to act not just as trainers but as teachers, mentors, psychologists, physiologists and agents.

The Coaches programmes by the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity provides the Olympic Council of Malaysia with a set of tools that can improve the quality of our coaches, helping sports technicians at all levels to respond to the latest athlete training requirements.

There are two types of Olympic Solidarity programmes targeted at coaches:

  • Technical Courses for Coaches are designed to provide training at various levels for officially recognised and active coaches of the National Sports Associations. The courses are organised by the National Sports Associations, under the supervision of an international expert nominated by the relevant International Federation and are held with a view to standardising the training that coaches receive around the world, ensuring a common language for each sport and discipline is used by everyone.
  • Olympic Scholarships for Coaches programme is designed to help National Sports Associations-recognised coaches benefit from continuous high-level training in a particular sport or other areas of The experience they gain will then be of wider benefit to their national sports system. The programme offers coaches three main types of training: sports science training at high-level sport centres or universities; sport-specific training that allows coaches to update their knowledge in a particular sport; and distance training (e-learning), managed by the respective high-level centres or universities recognised by the Olympic Solidarity.

National Sports Associations who are affiliated to the OCM are eligible to apply for the above programmes. Kindly contact secgen@olympic.org.my for more information.