Olympic Scholarships For Coaches

Olympic Scholarships For Coaches

The Olympic Solidarity will, in principle, grant one to two scholarships per year and per National Olympic Committee.

The scholarships is to allow coaches officially recognised by their National Sports Associations and active in their country to benefit from continuous high-level training and acquire experience and know-how, which they will then be responsible for placing at the service of their national sports system. The high-level training programmes are conducted by universities / centres approved by the Olympic Solidarity.

The candidate coach for an Olympic scholarship must:

  • Belong to a federation whose sport is on the Olympic programme;
  • Have an official coaching qualification recognised in her/his country of origin and/or by the International Federation (IF) concerned;
  • Be active and be able to show proof of practical experience as a national, regional, continental and/or international level coach;
  • Undertake to pass on her/his knowledge and continue to develop her/his sport in her/his country after the completion of the training; and
  • Undertake to regularly improve her/his digital skills in order to keep up to date with emerging technologies.

Coaches may utilise the Olympic Solidarity Scholarships in three different ways:

1. Enhancing coach’s sports science knowledge

Individual scholarships that allow coaches to acquire training in the field of sports sciences at a high-level sports centre or university, and thus obtain official recognition (diploma or certificate).

The content of the training, its format (in person, online, blended), duration, evaluation method, etc. are determined by the centre/university, in agreement with Olympic Solidarity.

The programme will expose the coaches to topics such as the protection of clean athletes, prevention of competition manipulation, athlete safeguarding/prevention of harassment and abuse in sport, prevention of injuries (physical and mental), promotion of gender equality, diversity, inclusion and any other emerging topics that may be of interest to them.

There are several centres / universities that are collaborating with the Olympic Solidarity for this scholarship. Click here for a list of universities / centres.

2. Enhancing coach’s sport specific knowledge

Under this program, the coach may utilise the Olympic Solidarity Scholarships to attend technical training courses which are organised by their International Federation at an international / continental / regional centre or club.

In some cases, an International Federation may propose a candidate directly to Olympic Solidarity who will then confirm the position with the Olympic Council of Malaysia

3. Tailor-made training

National Sports Associations, who are Affiliates of OCM, may also propose specific training courses organised by other universities / centres according to the needs of their coaches. One of the possible options is to identify one of the courses organised by the Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC)

Where a coach is awarded the Olympic Scholarship to attend any of the training program above, the Olympic Solidarity will cover the following costs:

  • Transport costs – return international airline ticket and/or train ticket in standard economy class, the most direct route possible
  • Training cost;
  • Board and accommodation costs;
  • Weekly indemnity of USD100 (or depending on agreement with the training centre / university concerned)
  • Health & accident insurance, if necessary

Only National Sports Associations who are affiliated to the OCM are eligible to apply for these Scholarships for their coaches. Kindly contact secgen@olympic.org.my