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Hakimi craves for the Olympics

Hakimi Ismail aims to be qualified in the world’s foremost sports competition, Olympics.

As an athlete, it is a dream come true to qualify for the Olympics. But it needs as much commitment as possible to be in Olympics and athletes need to offer full dedication and sacrifice a lot to accomplish the bug dream.

“There are two big missions in 2021, Olympics Games and Sea Games. Of course my main focus is to be qualified in Olympic 2021” said Hakimi.

“Sea Games, however, is the most important game for me as it will boost my spirit as I use the platform to improve my performance for other tournaments”

The Perak born athlete admitted that his intention in getting involved in triple jump was to just have fun and because he wanted to take the opportunity to travel.

“I have never imagined myself becoming one of the national athlete, especially in triple jump category”

“But I began to be more passionate and desire to do better after I achieved good results in my first few tournaments” added Hakimi.

As different athletes have different ways to motivate themselves before any tournament, the 29 years old triple jump athlete would always look back on all the successes he has accomplished in order to strive for greater achievement.

“I always set my mind that every tournament is important, that I need to do my best. I am sacrificing everything to be at this stage so I will make sure it is all worth it”

According to Hakimi, triple jump is not a well-known sport in Malaysia because the technique is more complicated as compared to long jump.

“Triple jump is all about technique. We need to give our full commitment and be very serious in our training in order to get ourselves on the right track. Everyone starts from the bottom, it is our effort that will bring us to the top” said the national triple jump athlete as he welcomes the younger generation to get more involved in the athletic.


Nationality Malaysian
Born8 April 1991
Born inTaiping, Perak
Events Triple jump

SEA Games

Naypyidaw 2013Triple jumpSilver
Singapore 2015Triple jumpGold
Kuala Lumpur 2017Triple jumpGold
Philippine 2019Triple jumpGold

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