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Joshua is longing to return to Italy

The training session in Italy played vital role for our national fencer, Joshua Koh, in delivering silver medal at the 2019 SEA Games.

“I had the opportunity to train together with the APA fencers and former Olympians and I took the chance to learn a lot of techniques from the pros” said Joshua.

“I usually watch their video and learn from every single step they did in the their training or tournament”

“It would inspire me to do better and improve my skills whenever I am surrounded by international fencers”

However, Joshua admitted that when he had to be back in Malaysia due to the pandemic of Covid-19, he had to change his training routine and he was struggling in getting used to the new norm.

“I had to train alone at home and my focus was more on the physical training as it was all I was able to do during the lockdown” said the 29 years old fencer.

“Personally I think it is a big too late for me to be qualified in the upcoming Olympics because there is only one or two tournament left and it is very competitive to get enough point to be qualified”

The Kuala Lumpur born however aims to perform his best in the Olympics qualifier which will be held in Korea, April 2021.

Joshua hopes that miracles would happen and he will be able to return to Italy, his comfort training zone.

“I put a lot of effort to be where I am right now, and I am still working on improving myself to achieve more successes”

“I know that in order to stand in the eyes of the world, talent alone is nothing without hard work” Joshua added.

As a national fencer, Joshua hopes Malaysia will have a bigger programme to develop young generations in becoming world class athletes, specifically in fencing.


Born11 October 1990 (29 years old)
Born inKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
EventsMen’s Epee


SEA Games

Philippines 2019Men’s EpeeSilver
Kuala Lumpur 2017Men’s EpeeBronze
Palembang 2011Men’s EpeeGold

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