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Mun Yee Prevails After Two Decade

Leong Mun Yee is a name synonymous in diving.

Set for a record of five Olympic appearances since her debut in 2004, the now 36 year old has never once regretted choosing diving as her career path.

“I started off as a swimmer and switched to diving when I was 10 years old and to be honest, after the 1998 Commonwealth Games, the thought of giving up crosses my mind as I was still very young and needed to be with my family as it broke my tiny heart as I was often away,” said the pretty lass who has more than 120k followers in Instagram.

“But that is a thing of the past” said Mun Yee who makes guys’ hearts flutter with her looks.

“But if life was about giving me the chance to revisit the past or look into the future, I would choose to just stay where I am right now” added the 3m diver who is back to her normal training routine after 3 months being out of the pool.

Mun Yee’s career as a diver is also a journey of highs and lows and she seems to be very thankful to finally making a comeback in the most awaited discipline in Tokyo after not qualifying for the Rio Olympic, her last appearance being 2012, London.

“I am very happy to qualify for Tokyo Olympics early and hopefully I will be able to perform my best” said Mun Yee who is aiming to get a medal in the 10m synchronised platform category where she might be paired once again with her medal winning partner, Pandelela Rinong as the duo won a silver at the World Aquatics Championships, in South Korea this February.

Looking forward to be paired  with the Sarawakian at the Tokyo Olympics, Mun Yee finds no misgiving in their partnership as the duo have built the chemistry when competing South Korea and throughout the years they have trained and competed together.

For the moment, the Perak born is concentrating more on her own performance and personal skill in order to perform better quality of dives.

Mun Yee dedicates her excellence in diving to those directly or indirectly involved in her journey for the past 20 years.

She is also grateful to her parents who are undoubtedly her number one fans and supporters as they drive her to achieve greatest success.

“Without my parents’ encouragement and motivation, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, all thanks to them” added Mun Yee as she climbed the stairs to execute her next jump.

And once she makes her first five in Tokyo, she will create history as the only Malaysian athlete to have competed in five Olympics.


Nationality Malaysian
Born4 December 1984 (age 36)
 Ipoh, Perak Malaysia
Events 1m, 3m, 3m synchronised, 10m, 10m synchronised


World Championships

Gwangju 201910m SynchronisedSilver
Barcelona 201310m SynchronisedBronze
Rome 200910m SynchronisedBronze

World Series

Beijing 201110m SynchronisedSilver

Asian Games

Jakarta 201810m SynchronisedBronze
Incheon 201810m SynchronisedBronze
Guangzhou 201010m SynchronisedSilver
Guangzhou 20103m SynchronisedSilver
Doha 20063m SynchronisedBronze
Doha 20063m SpringboardBronze
Busan 20023m SynchronisedBronze

Commonwealth Games

Gold Coast 201810m SynchronisedBronze
Gold Coast 20183m SynchronisedBronze
New Delhi 201010m SynchronisedSilver

SEA Games

Kuala Lumpur 201710m SynchronisedGold
Kuala Lumpur 201710m Mixed synchronisedGold
Singapore 201510m SynchronisedGold
Naypyidaw 201310m SynchronisedGold
Palembang 201110m SynchronisedGold
Palembang 20113m SynchronisedGold
Vientiane 20093m SynchronisedGold
Vientiane 200910m SynchronisedGold
Vientiane 20093m SpringboardBronze
Nakhon Ratchasima 20073m SynchronisedGold
Nakhon Ratchasima 20071m SpringboardGold
Nakhon Ratchasima 20073m SpringboardSilver
Manila 200510m SynchronisedGold
Manila 200510m PlatformGold
Manila 20051m SpringboardSilver
Manila 20053m SpringboardBronze
Manila 20053m SynchronisedBronze
Hanoi 200310m PlatformGold
Hanoi 200310m SynchronisedSilver
Hanoi 20033m SynchronisedSilver
Hanoi 20033m SpringboardBronze
Kuala Lumpur 200110m SynchronisedGold
Kuala Lumpur 200110m PlatformGold
Kuala Lumpur 20013m SynchronisedGold
Kuala Lumpur 20013m SpringboardGold
Brunei 19993m SpringboardSilver
Brunei 199910m PlatformBronze


Shenzhen 201110m SynchronisedBronze

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