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OCA Social Development Through Olympism Programme – Day 2

The practical session of the “Multilateral First Step to the Olympic Course” for 30 female teachers and coaches together with their students from the 5 respective schools was held on Sunday, 11 December 2022, from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon at the Mini Stadium, National Sports Council.

The OCM was delighted to have the national sprinter, Ms. Komalam Shally Selvaretnam, to be present, to demonstrate the technique of running and sprinting. She also guided the students in the warm-up and the warm-down techniques at the beginning and the ending of the practical sessions.

The teachers and coaches who have learnt the theory of coaching the day before, were tasked to perform the practical teaching/coaching to their own students in 5 stations in rotation as follows:
1. Sprint & Hurdle
2. Cross Hop
3. Shot Put
4. Long Jump
5. Vortex Throw

Mdm. Nurul Huda Abdullah OLY, Olympian, a legendary swimmer of Malaysia in the 1980s, a member of the OCM Women and Sport Committee, was invited to share her experiences to motivate students to excel in sports.

On behalf of the OCM, Dato’ Paduka Mumtaz Jaffar thanked the following entities in her closing speech:
1. The OCA for providing the funding,
2. The Nestle Products Sdn Bhd for providing their nutritious foods and drinks,
3. The Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) for providing the technical support,
4. The World Athletics accredited lecturers for conducting the Course,
5. The teachers, coaches and students for their active participation.

“The key success of this programme is the transformation of what you have learnt from the Course into real actions in your respective schools” stated Dato’ Paduka Mumtaz Jaffar in her speech as an advice to all the teachers and coaches.

Prior to her closing speech, Dato’ Paduka Mumtaz Jaffar presented the Certificate of Participation issued by the OCM to the teachers, coaches and students.

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