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OCM approves second round of Covid-19 funding

The OCM Trust Management Committee, chaired by Tan Sri Norza Zakaria, today approved the establishment of the second Covid-19 fund amounting to RM300,000.

National Sports Associations will be able to apply for the fund from tomorrow (22 October 2020) onwards, with monies expected to be disbursed by the first week of November 2020.

Funding will be capped at RM10,000 for OCM’s Ordinary Member and RM5,000 for Associate Members.

The fund is aimed at assisting National Sports Associations with their administrative expenses at a time when the nation is undergoing a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, National Sports Associations may utilize the funds to pay for office rentals, salaries and allowances of its employees, coaches and athletes.

This is the second time the OCM has created a fund to assist its members during the pandemic. The first fund established on 17 April 2020 and totaling RM300,000 benefited 23 Ordinary Members and 7 Associate Members.

In addition to the Covid-19 fund, the members of the Committee also approved, this morning, grants for 18 National Sports Associations (10 Ordinary Members and 8 Associate Members) amounting to over RM300,000.

In line with the terms of reference for the OCM Trust Fund, these grants were approved for organizing competitions, educational seminars, training camps, grassroots programs and purchase of sports equipment.

The Committee noted the uncertain times ahead and that some of the planned events may be postponed in line with the Government’s SOPs and directives.

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