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OCM Calls for Special Fund for Filmmakers to Produce Inspiring Sports Movies

The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) has urged the Government to create a special fund for the film industry to produce inspiring movies based on the nation’s sporting successes.

OCM President, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri (Dr.) Mohamad Norza Zakaria, said such a move within the entertainment sphere would motivate film producers to put together quality scripts centred on our sporting icons to help instil a sense of pride and promote patriotism amongst Malaysians.

“The performance of Malaysian athletes – past and present – constitute an integral component in nation-building. Sports as we are fully aware remains the best unifying tool for Malaysia. We need our success stories to be told in the form of movies that inspire the nation.”

Tan Sri Norza added the Ministry of National Unity could take the lead with strong support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Communication.

“OCM will propose this to the Ministry of Youth and Sports soon, “ said Tan Sri Norza in his speech after hosting the OCM Gemencheh Boys Movie Night in Kuala Lumpur on 13th December 2023. The Gemencheh Boys is a movie adaptation of a group of mischievous kids who went on to represent the national cricket team.

“We need more inspirational films or biopics featuring the true story of legendary athletes navigating their journey to the pinnacle of their careers. Behind every triumph lies the untold stories of countless sacrifices and pain.

“The path to success is paved with unseen determination and resilience that needs to be told as a source of inspiration to the present and future generations”

Almost 200 people turned up to watch the movie, including OCM Executive Board members and representatives of various national sports associations,

Also present were the leading actors, Pekin Ibrahim and Mohd Shafiq Sharif, who were given a round of applause by the audience for their rousing performance.

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