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OCM Proposes Institutionalising Olympic Day As Part Of National School

The OCM proposed the Olympic Day which is globally celebrated on 23rd of June every year, to be institutionalised as part of the annual Malaysian National Schools curriculum.

The President of OCM, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri (Dr.) Mohamad Norza Zakaria, said the move would enable the young generation and future leaders of the nation to embrace the core Olympic Values of Excellence, Respect and Friendship as part of the process in nation building.

“We urge the Ministry of Education (MOE) to consider and make the annual Olympic Day a national agenda in promoting the universal values and excellence in sports”,

“Let us make the 23rd of June every year a day of celebration of Olympism at every school in the country”,

“This will help raise awareness for the Olympic Values by using educational and recreational tools, introduce students to new sports or disciplines, encourage exercise and promote its benefits for health and social skills development and above all, giving our school students a head-start by embedding in their minds the Olympic Dream”,

In his speech to launch 2023 Olympic Day celebration at the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) themed “Let’s Move” to commemorate the day the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded in Paris in 1894, Tan Sri Dr. Norza said the Olympic Day is an annual reminder to the public of the benefits of physical activity in sports as a low cost, a high-impact tool for healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Accompanied by members of the OCM Executive Board, Tan Sri Dr. Norza launched the 2023 Olympic Day celebration in the presence of Olympians and Olympic medalists namely Dato’ Mohd Azizulhasni Awang OLY (Track Cycling), Cheong Jun Hoong OLY (Diving), Lee Hup Wei OLY (Athletics), Koo Kien Keat OLY (Badminton), Roslinda Samsu OLY (Athletics) and Ng Shu Wai OLY (Gymnastics).

The OCM is among 130 NOCs across five continents celebrating the occasion to commemorate the day IOC was founded in Paris, where Pierre de Coubertin rallied the revival of the Ancient Olympic Games on 23rd June 1894.

Tan Sri Dr. Norza paid tribute to BJSS for being an assembly line of Olympians, with a total of 59 athletes who had participated in the Olympic Games since the school became fully operational on January 1996.

“As we sift through the list of Olympians from this school, we realise we are indeed indebted to BJSS. In our record, 18 athletes from the 30 members of the Malaysia Contingent to the most recent Olympic Games – the XXXII Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – were products of the Bukit Jalil Sports School”,

“From only 7 athletes in the XXVII Olympic Games Sydney 2000, to a total of 18 athletes in Tokyo Olympics, we could see how the Bukit Jalil Sports School has impacted our athletes at elite level”.

Tan Sri Dr. Norza also invited the present batch of BJSS students to be part of the Olympic Movement by being OCM’s Young Ambassadors to help spread the Olympic Values and Olympic Spirit amongst the young generation.

“Some of you may well be forming the Malaysian Contingent to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032. Psychologically you need to prepare for the podium now. Visualise yourself on top of the world now. Dream big. The OCM will be happy to see and manage you in future Olympic contingents!”

Happy Olympic Day 2023.

Let’s Move!

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