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Rachel Arnold Totally Loves Squash

National Squash player Rachel Arnold is glad to be back on training after having a hard time at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic as squash was not a sport that could be played anywhere other then the facility it was built for.

“It was quite a rough patch after coming back to training as we had lost the normal routine for few months, but I am very glad that finally we were able to hit the ball and walk again,” said Rachel who has S 24 years of age.

However, the number 3 national squash player is very thankful that they had a proper program planned out throughout the enforced break of the Covid-19 which really helped her to maintain her fitness level even without the normal training.

“The program planned out for us was mainly focusing in circuit training and other activities that could be done in the living room,” she added.

Rachel, who is the younger sister of Delia Arnold admitted that her sister is one of the reasons behind her involvement in squash.

However, her father, Raymond Arnold’’s encouragement will always be her main reason behind her taking up squash as a career and reaching the international level.

“My father motivated me to fall in love with squash since I was just a young girl, he is the reason behind it all,” said the world number 42.

“It will be tough to reach my sister’s achievement as she reached world ranking of 12 at the end of her career, but I am up to that challenge and look forward to perform IMG better,” added Rachel.

The Kuala Lumpur lass who started to show her passion in squash at the age of 6 takes our squash queen, Datuk Nicol Ann David as someone who she will always look up to.

“Datuk Nicol is everyone’s idol I bet, all I can say is she is a great person and an amazing squash player,” said Rachel as she sets her main goal to break into top 30 in the world rankings.

Rachel’s journey as an athlete has its own ups and downs, having to be consistent plus to maintain her achievements were no easy task for a youngster.

But, her passion in squash makes it all possible.

“To reach a certain level in life, we need to love what we do and be passionate about it. As for me, I am totally in love with Squash,” said Rachel who would still be choosing the same path if she could turn back the clock.


Nationality Malaysian
Born16 April 1996 (age 24)
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
PlaysRight handed
World rank42 (August 2020)


Southeast Asian Games

2019 PhilippinesSinglesGold
2019 PhilippinesTeamGold

Asian Youth Games

2013 NanjingSinglesGold

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