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Rafiq Ismail The Bowling Master

History maker Rafiq Ismail who won the 2018 Hong Kong Men’s World Bowling Championship has inspired many of us with his achievements at a young age.

After winning the European Bowling Tour (EBT) Master in Madrid, he became the king of Europe.

“In 2018 I did not expect that I will win the championship especially in single event. It is a great year for me as I had won two major bowling tournaments in the same year,” said the 23 years old bowler.

“Passion is what really motivates me to be focused every time. Bowling has become part of my life as I have spent nearly 19 years in this field.”

Rafiq who started to show his interest in bowling since he was only 4 years old admitted that to maintain a successful journey as an athlete requires big effort throughout the years.

“The best moment in representing Malaysia in bowling is of course during the times I managed to bring home the winning medals,” said the Selangor born bowler.

“Unfortunately, with the worldwide pandemic, I was devastated as I could not join any international tournament. I really hope that the Covid19 will end soon so that things will return to normal and I will be able to compete the international tournament again.”

Bowling can be really intense as it includes throwing and stepping. Bowlers do sweat even though the sport is an indoor sport. Bowling can seem simple, but skill and technique are required.

“It has been a rough year for all of us, but do not give up and let’s get use with the new norm and make a great comeback,” Rafiq added as he throw a strike.

Muhammad Rafiq Ismail

Nationality Malaysian
Born10 December 1997
 Selangor, Malaysia
Height 171 cm


International Event

Asia Bowling Championship 2016Men MasterChampion
Hong Kong 2018Men SingleChampion
Singapore open 2019Men MasterChampion

Southeast Asian Games

Singapore 2015Men SingleGold
 Men TriosGold
 Men TeamGold
Malaysia 2017Men SingleGold
 Men MastersGold
Philippines 2019Men DoubleBronze
 Men TeamGold

Asian Games

Incheon 2014Men TeamSilver
Jakarta 2018Men TriosSilver
 Men MasterGold

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