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Sport Administrators Course No. 4 (2023)

The OCM Education and Training Committee conducted the SAC No. 4 (2023) for the national, state, district and club sports officers in Miri, Sarawak from 11th to 13th August 2023, at the Campus of the Curtin University Malaysia.

The Course was being conducted by 2 accredited National Course Directors (NCDs), namely Ms. Moira Tan Siew See and Mr. Fong Wan Hor for the 33 participants, 21 males (64%) and 12 females (36%). They are being assisted by 2 facilitators namely Mr. Chong Choong Seong and Mdm. Farah Azlina Mohd Alkaf and 1 invited speaker, Prof. Chong Wee Fong.

The Opening Ceremony of the Course was officiated by Kapitan Chai Kuen Ming, who was representing the Minister of Transport Sarawak, Y.B. Dato’ Sri Lee Kim Shin.

The Closing Ceremony was officiated by Dr. Tan Kah Hock, who is the Chairperson of the OCM East Malaysia Committee.

In his closing speech, Dr. Tan Kah Hock stressed on the importance of leaders in Sport Associations having knowledge of sport administration to raise the level of good governance amd sport development for East Malaysia. Therefore, it is only right that more courses should be offered to Sabah and Sarawak.

“I must thank the President of OCM, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Norza Zakaria, for his strong support and encouragement to activate the Olympic Movement in East Malaysia”,

“I would also like to thank the OCM Education and Training Committee, under Ms. Moira Tan and her team of facilitators, for their effort, dedication and commitment in conducting the Sport Administrators Course in Miri”,

“Many more Olympic Movement programmes and activities will be conducted in Sabah and Sarawak under the OCM East Malaysia Committee” quoted Dr. Tan Kah Hock.

Dr. Tan Kah Hock was then given the honour to present the certificates to all the 33 participants who had successfully completed the Course as follows:

1. Ms. Ting Ling Ling
2. Mr. Ting Chee Hee
3. Mr. James Liaw Hyuen Gloong
4. Mr. Koo Hon Nien
5. Ms. Ng Min Nah
6. Mr. Voon Kai Foo
7. Ms. Yvonne Sim
8. Mr. Joseph Chua
9. Ms. Judith Maiyor
10. Mr. Darshen Ganasen
11. Mr. Allister Chung Bing Zhe
12. Mr. Luk Ing Ling
13. Mr. Landale Claude Cranfield
14. Ms. David Ting Tai Pang
15. Mr. Wong Jing Mei
16. Ms. Bong Sook Jong
17. Ms. Shaheen Aqilah Fadhillah
18. Mr. Henry Luk Giek Tiung
19. Mr. Chan Kuan Yang
20. Mr. Mohamad Amirul Zaini
21. Mr. Mohd Shariff Abdullah
22. Mr. Faqrul Hafiz Abu Bakar
23. Ms. Esther Samuel
24. Mr. Hamdan Yahya
25. Mr. Robert Chandy Mingat
26. Mr. Elshedai Meshach
27. Ms. Mathiny Khanis
28. Ms. Joyce Anyie
29. Mr. Arthur Cheng Chuan Lee
30. Ms. Carolyn Lee Yien
31. Dr. Jack Wong Siew Yu
32. Ms. Delima Ibrahim
33. Ms. Alisa Tsen Ruo Ying

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