The Advanced Sport Management Course continued with its third session of 2020 - Olympic Council of Malaysia Olympic Council of Malaysia

The Advanced Sport Management Course continued with its third session of 2020

The 3rd session of the Advanced Sport Management Course (ASMC) was held for four days, from 7 – 10 September 2020.

A total of sixteen (16) participants from various National Sports Associations (NSAs), State Sports Associations (SSAs), State Sports Council, Armed Forces Sports Council and Sports Clubs continued into the 3rd session. From the 2nd session which was held July 2020, there were two (2) dropouts due to unforeseen circumstances and other work commitment.

“Throughout the four days of the 3rd session, the sixteen participants gave full support to the facilitators namely Mr. Stanley Charles and Mr. Ahmad Arif Astaman and programme directors” said Ms. Moira Tan Siew See, one of the Programme Directors who conducted the Course together with Mr. Wan Yew Leong.

“The participants also have shown great interest, cooperation and keenness to continue to the 4th session which will be held in November 2 – 5” added the Programme Director.

The Course which was conducted by the team of facilitators as mentioned above focused on Managing Human Resources, Managing Finance, Managing Marketing and Organising a Major Sport Event in the 3rd session.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is still spreading in Malaysia, the Course was conducted with strict observation of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

“It is hope that the same procedure and logistic will be carried out onto the 4th session” said Ms. Moira Tan as the whole group of facilitators and participants wrapped up the 3rd session which was a great success.

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